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Episode 1 - The Beginning

Our story begins in Glennhollow. Each member of the party finds themselves here for one reason or another.

An unusually strong storm has been pelting the area with torrential rain for nearly 4 days. Unable to leave due to the abhorrent weather conditions, the individuals are forced to bide their time, waiting for the weather to clear.

After the rain

John Sawyer, The Sheriff, asks for able-bodied men to clear out the wolves on the road to the north. The party fought and killed 5 wolves.

After the fight, the party heard disembodied laughter. A thorough search, however, revealed nothing.


The party returned to Sawyer to report the death of the wolves and were introduced to Draven Maddox. Maddox and The Sheriff clearly have some history.

Maddox has an issue. A purchase he made was supposed to be delivered the day before. Maddox is insisting that the Sheriff "do his job" and find out where his Delivery went.

Since the party had to wait until the next day before they could leave, Sawyer offered to pay the party to do the work.

The party found a dead horse along the road to the north with drag marks leading west into the forest. Following the trail, the party found a bear cave, fought and killed two bears, and recovered an envelope from the corpse of a deliveryman.

Inside the envelope was a ring of spell storing.

The party returned to Glennhollow before dawn and decided to return the ring to Maddox immediately.

True motives

The party knocked on Maddox's door and returned the ring. He paid them, took the ring, and slammed the door.

Shmoda sent his raven down the chimney to spy on Maddox.

Once inside the sitting room, the raven watched as Maddox gave the ring to another human-looking man in the room. The man cast a spell which fused the ring onto a staff that he had in his possession.

He then cast 5 spells into the ring and proclaimed it "done". He then turned the staff on Maddox and indicated that he'd finally be free of him. As he was attempting to activate the staff and kill Maddox, Maddox laughed and stabbed him through the heart with a dagger.

Maddox then took the staff and created a portal by pushing through a dimensional barrier. He then stepped through but not before casting a fireball that began to consume the entire house.

The fireball destroyed Shmoda's raven, thereby removing their visibility into the room.

Episode 2 - Moorland Heights

As the flames consumed the house, the cry went up for fire, and a crowd began to gather around the burning house. It was immediately obvious that the fire was going to win this fight.

The mayor, Drek Grizwold, and the Sheriff began questioning the party about the circumstances of the fire.

The party shared the information about their quest but omitted the information obtained by the raven. The mayor, thinking that the fire was an attack, asked the party to inquire further about the nature of Maddox's purchases from a store in Moorland Heights called Dromak's Arcane. The party agreed to find out what was going on and report back via Raven scream.

On the road to Moorland Heights

The party spent two days traveling to Moorland Heights

During the first night, they were awoken by the sounds of the same disembodied laughter but were again unable to find the source.

The party arrived late after two full days of travel and secured rooms for the night

Dromak's Arcane

The party stopped by Dromak's Arcane to begin their investigation.

They met a Quadrone named Percival who initially claimed to be the proprietor but soon confessed to just being an assistant at the shop. He also overshared the fact that he was selling the items from the shop and stealing the profits in order to escape from the evil master of the shop.

He offered the party a task to deliver a ring of water walking.

 "Deliver this ring to my friend Goluk, he'll reward you for the delivery. Return to the shop by tomorrow and I'll pay you each 5 GP and you may also each take any single object from the store.


The party took the ring and traveled an hour away to deliver the ring. As they approached the location, they were greeted by a very hostile Half-Orc. The party attempted to deliver the ring but Goluk refused to cooperate and instead called his bugbear and the two of them attacked the party.

The party returned to the shop and confronted Percival who freely admitted to attempting to have them killed. He refused to allow them to leave and instead began to attack them.

As soon as the fight started but before anyone could begin to attack, a small alarm behind the desk went off which took the Quadrone's attention. A finger poked in through the dimensional barrier and out stepped a Githzerai who identified himself as Dromak Mazar.

Mazar immediately deactivated Percival and explained that he'd saved Percival while on one of his many adventures and brought him back here to be repaired.

Percival is still very broken and as such can't communicate with the rest of his race. Mazar was unaware and didn't seem to care that Percival was stealing from him. He was also completely uninterested to hear that Percival had tried to kill the party.

He was, however, visibly upset to find that Percival had sold his specially enchanted ring to Maddox and basically pushed the party the door mumbling about contacting the others to see what was going on.

Episode 3 - More Information

The Setup

The party decided to deliver the message back to Drek Grizwold regarding their quest to investigate Maddox.

After sending the message, a person whom no one in the party recognized greeted them (Volcraf Swordfury specifically) like an old friend. It was all a ruse to slip something into Swordfury's pocket. The stranger then suggested that the party run before fleeing into the market.

At that moment, shouts here heard. "Get them" followed by "You are under arrest by order of The Regency", followed by "Now you will die". The party fled while performing a skill challenge (which they failed). They then fought and defeated 12 guards before noticing that the item given to Swordfury was a key.

The key led the party deep into the slums before revealing a portal inside a doorway leading into the unknown.

The Dabus

The party stepped through the portal to a stone room with no entrances or exits.

In the room were three Dabus. One of the Dabus began conversing with the party. They were not able to make out much information. The few things they did learn from the Dabus weren't much help.

The Dabus was able to confirm that Maddox was a danger to everyone with his new staff and Maddox was somehow associated with the Githyanki.

The Dabus then opened a portal through which the party was able to return to the city. Once on the other side, they found themselves back in Dromak's Arcane which was now filled with Monodrone. After the lengthy fight, the party summoned Mazar to discuss the situation.

Even though Mazar was kind enough to give the party a healing potion, they still pestered him enough that he was forced to politely ask them to leave.

Episode 4 - The Delivery

The Job Board

The party found out about the job board and spent some time debating which job to take. They finally settled on a delivery mission

The Mission

The party was directed by the poster to Gebert at the Tipsy Goat. Gebert was ready to leave immediately so the party set out. 2 days into the 4-day journey, the party heard the disembodied laughter again. Around midday on the 3rd day, the party noticed they were being followed by a group of Aarakocra. One of them landed and demanded that Gebert return the item he was carrying. Gebert refused to turn it over, explaining that he was contracted to make a delivery and a delivery was getting made.

Even though the Aarakocra pressed, the Dwarf continued to refuse him and because of that, the flock attacked.

After the fight, Gebert woke up long enough the communicate that the delivery was intended for a man named Draven Maddox.